🍯Welcome to your new home🍯

 I officially did it, I’m a beekeeper. Installed my very first nuk in the hive and now ready for the honey🍯. It was a little chilly, about 58 degrees but the sun was shining. I had the suit and everything on. The funny part was when a bee decided to pay me a visit in my suit. 😣 I was panicking to get him out but also to keep my cool so the bee won’t sting me. He was not mad, he just wanted out of my suit. Haha😄. I let them cool off so they could go  a into the hive and work with there new comb. Later that day, I gave them sugar water, and one bastard decided to sting me on my neck. I have never gotten sting before by a bee and I was trying to be cautious not to upset them, but that did not happen. I did not swell, thank goodness but for those who have not been sting, make sure to get the stinger out🐝. Yes they leave there pointy butts in you so you should get them out so the pain is not worse. The pain only came in pulses and every 2 or less minutes. The pulsing pain lasted for me, probably 5 hours. But anyway next time I’m going to try the beekeeping without gloves and make sure I fully secure my suit.😅

Can you locate the queen bee. I had issue finding her but I’ll give you a hint. Look for a bee with a yellow dot on her backside. 

Me trying to work these damn gloves. Next time, bare hands. ✋✋

Me helping the bastards out. 😠

 little bee. He only wanted to serve his queen. 😢