🐝 Confirmed!!!

I just got my confirmation  email saying my bees are going to be here may 9th and I’m so excited. On the other hand. When I was away, put together my Landing Board, here it is:

This goes on the bottom of the entrance where the bees come in and out. Like I said in my earlier posts, this board is to help the bees do better landing and taking off, it’s like a runway for bees. If you don’t have this landing board, and trust my word, I have seen it happen to my dads bees, is they keep hitting themselfs or they try to climb up on the hive then fly away. Alot of work for the bees means less honey for you. 

I also primered my bee hive so that the hive will last longer (see photo below) and painted them. You probably thinking, what color did you go with…

Well, WHITE! I thought going with white would help the bees cool off better during summer. If I  went with a darker color, I could have overheated the bees.

Well anyways, that’s what I have been up to. I am waiting patiently for the past month to know anxiously when my bees will arrive and can’t wait to put them in my hive. 

This is my journal to you to better understand your friendly neighborhood beekeeper. I hope you enjoyed my journal entry. Stay tuned for future updates on what MrBeeHaven is up to.

See you next time,


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