Well hello, welcome to my very first journal post. I wanted to make this journal for everyone’s learning experience. I myself so I can keep record of what I have done and how to fix it next year with my colony. Well here it is, my journal. Enjoy!

Well, I just bought my very first colony and I can’t wait until Nuk Day. Nuk Day is a day in April or May, depending on when you bought the colony. I got mine in March and waiting for a response to when to pick them up. What I paid for the Nuk is not cheap, it will cost you. I had to pay $175.00 plus $6.00 to get my queen marked. There are other paid options but I only need to know who’s the queen bee is in the colony. I also had to pay for the equipment as well which cost me $68.01. I know the equipment seems cheap but that’s because I watched from my dad’s colony and he can spare some of his equipment.I hope in the next journal, I can show you some photos of the equipment that will arrive Thursday or Friday. Best seeing you then. -MrBeeHaven


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