I was getting worried that my package would not arrive but it seems to arrive a day late. Oh well, these things happen. When I opened the box, laying on top with my invoice I see a package not knowing what this was because it does not seem like setting I bought but I pick it up and it’s a free package of Rapini Seeds (See attached photo below) to help my new colonies produce faster. How nice is that!

I also got in the Landing Board which is what says it is, the bees land on it. Last summer my dad did not have the landing board and it seemed the bees had a hard time landing and taking off. We would see them crawl up the side of the hive to fly off. This prevents this from happening by giving them more room to land and take off. The queen excluder, which prevents the queen from having access to the upper super or supers. It is a metal wiring cage that is big enough for bees to go through but to small for the queen bee to fit though. This prevents the queen from making eggs in our honey. I also got a Vertical Slatted Rack for this coming winter. Why do I need this? Because this winter my dads bees died because they produce too much heat which also produced condensation which turned to ice witch froze the bees. We’re hoping this next winter having this vertical slatted rack will help them ventilate better. And last but not least, a roof to prevent rain from flooding the hive.

Thank you all who read my Journal and any feedback or questions would be appreciated. See you next time. 




Well hello, welcome to my very first journal post. I wanted to make this journal for everyone’s learning experience. I myself so I can keep record of what I have done and how to fix it next year with my colony. Well here it is, my journal. Enjoy!

Well, I just bought my very first colony and I can’t wait until Nuk Day. Nuk Day is a day in April or May, depending on when you bought the colony. I got mine in March and waiting for a response to when to pick them up. What I paid for the Nuk is not cheap, it will cost you. I had to pay $175.00 plus $6.00 to get my queen marked. There are other paid options but I only need to know who’s the queen bee is in the colony. I also had to pay for the equipment as well which cost me $68.01. I know the equipment seems cheap but that’s because I watched from my dad’s colony and he can spare some of his equipment.I hope in the next journal, I can show you some photos of the equipment that will arrive Thursday or Friday. Best seeing you then. -MrBeeHaven